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Problem with iis9.space2u.com
Status: Fixed - on 6/20/19

Right now we have a problem with iis9.space2u.com resulting in websites to be inaccessible. We are currently working on the issue and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Update 1 day, 13 hours ago
Status changed from Watching Fixed

New information:

Problem was solved but we missed the status page.

Update on 7/1/19
Status changed from Identified Watching

New information:

The issue is finally fixed and we are monitoring the server.

Update on 6/26/19
Status changed from Investigating Identified

New information:

Due to the server crashing with BSOD with different unrelated error messages, we are having a hard time pin pointing the exact reason for the crashes. It is also preventing us from moving the data correctly. Over the course of the last days we have created what we believe an up-to-date replica of all the data, and have techs currently working on setting up a new server with almost exactly same environment, so that we can move the sites over. We are also trouble shooting the current server, and found what we believe could be the primary reason for the crashes. We will attempt to mitigate it as soon as possible, but we will continue the process of migration as well. We expect to be finished latest during tomorrow, 27th of June.


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